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What is around the corner?

Do you sometimes wish you had greater certainty? That you knew what was around the next bend?
Or perhaps it is more uncertainty you crave? More bends and forks in the path.

Regardless of which you seek today both certainty and uncertainty are present in our lives everyday.

They are human needs and in another of life’s paradox’s we actually require them BOTH! Too much certainty and we would be disillusioned and bored. Too much uncertainty can cause us to feel adrift, out of control and panicked.

So why is this worthy of our attention?

Our tolerance to cope with uncertainty is ultimately one of the determining factors in the quality of the life we will lead.

The amount of uncertainty present within our day to day lives will fluctuate and how we navigate this impacts how we experience this one crazy and precious life.

Tony Robbins states ‘the quality of your life is directly related to how much uncertainty you can comfortably handle’

Adversity of any kind creates a heightened awareness of the uncertainty in our lives. It turns our focus to all the things not of our choosing, the things outside of our control. Perhaps the most obvious example we’re all currently faced with is Covid-19.

This global pandemic and it’s consequences has many of us facing greater uncertainty and this can be confronting and fear inducing to say the least.

So how do we develop a greater tolerance for uncertainty?️
One way we can improve our tolerance is by honing our ability to choose where we place our focus.

Where our focus goes matters.

Getting intentional about this can create a real shift in our ability to cope when things in our lives become more uncertain.

Is your focus on all that outside your control or the choices you do have?

We all need a reminder from time to time that…
We still have choices amidst uncertainty and
We can do hard things.