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Life's seasons

While out walking recently I was drawn to a beautiful tall tree close to our home. The first of the wintery winds had arrived and its beautiful array of auburn leaves were floating on the breeze to find their resting place beneath it. The breathtaking evidence of our transition from one season to another.


Our lives have them too. We will all experience the mountain-top moments in the heat of a fantastic summer, and we will all walk in the valleys of a dark winter.

In this crazy precious life we will have seasons of great joy, and seasons of deep sadness.

Your seasons might look a little different to mine, your winters a little cooler, or perhaps your summers a little warmer. However, we will each experience our seasons relative to the others we have individually encountered.

But the truth remains that every one of us will experience difficult, challenging, and painful things as we journey.

We will all be called to winter.And just as it is in nature, our winters will eventually give way to spring. The delicate defrosting of our winter season revealing the promises that await