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Our lives are experienced in moments.

I don’t believe it is the days or hours that we remember, but the moments that forge our most intense and lasting memories. Each moment like a thread woven into another, together forming the unique tapestry of our life story.

Moments are powerful and the events within them carry the ability to change the course of our lives forever. Some are incredible, awe inspiring, exciting, beautiful. Others can be devastating, challenging, heart breaking, sorrowful. And there are those woven in between – the mundane, obscure, commonplace, tedious, the uneventful.

Each of us are likely to experience them all throughout the course of our lives, the threads within our tapestry’s telling the tales of our own unique moments.

A first kiss, the phone call after your first interview, opening the email to receive the results you’ve worked so hard for, the death of a loved one, a dear friend sharing special news, a shock health diagnosis, holding your baby for the first time, a natural disaster, standing at a finish line…

We are often oblivious to the fragility of life until a devastating thread is woven into our lives. A moment that tilts and rocks our worlds as we knew them from their axis. A thread that definitively carves a line between all that was before this moment and all those still to come.

7 years today, ‘I’m so sorry we cannot find a heartbeat’ was woven into my life tapestry.
I can still remember how surreal this moment was. The way time stood still. Slow seconds forming a window of time, a brief reprieve between experiencing the moment and the magnitude of it taking hold.

In these slow seconds within the calm before the storm, we internally witness our life as we knew it being flipped and thrown into chaos as threads loosen and begin to whirl around us.

7 years on from this moment I can tell you that the moment is devastating, as are those that follow. That some threads of your life tapestry will weave to tell tales that were not hoped for, nor welcomed. But what do we know about tapestries? They are made up of many threads, therefore the devastating ones are not all there is. They form part of the tapestry but are not the tapestry.
Gradually, piece by piece, thread by thread we can sew anew.

Who knows, perhaps in time these threads will form some of the most beautiful parts of your tapestry. They may be the very parts you look upon with great pride and love, the pieces that take your breath away, and the very parts that inspire others when shared.

In our lives we will experience all kinds of moments. The incredible, the devastating and everything in between.

Savour the incredible and hold on through the devastating as this is your one precious, messy and crazy life – and it is a beautiful tapestry.
It is yours.

Sunbeam Photography