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Come and pull up a seat next to me. There is a space for you here at this table regardless of what season you find yourself within. Life going great? Pick up some inspiration and encouragement. Walking in a hard season? Take my hand. I may not know you personally, but you are a friend of the hard things. Here I hope you will find connection, inspiration, and community along with a generous dose of encouragement and support to live an exceptional life – your life. A life full of hope.

Annie x


My world is beautifully coloured by the amazing people I share it with. My husband Rob is our gentle rock and continues to be the calm to my crazy and the cool to my heat. I have the honor of being ‘Mum’ to three precious children earthside who each bless, amaze, frustrate (can I say that?!), and inspire me in ways words fail to express. And there are others. I am also the mother of two wee ones who will not bound to the front door of our home to greet you. Nevertheless, they are here, their tiny footprints embedded deeply within our healing hearts. Motherhood is a journey in and of itself and a great privilege. I am incredibly grateful I was chosen to be the Mother of each one of my precious babies – those here and those up there. They are all my greatest teachers and most precious treasures.


For almost two decades I’ve had the privilege of working with teenagers as a secondary educator here in NZ. There are few things better than witnessing young adults step into their potential and providing an environment that empowers them to do this. One of my greatest passions is developing others. Creating a positive culture and delivering programs that explicitly foster wellbeing and equip others with the tools and skills to thrive is special and one of my greatest ‘whys.’ I see the potential in others and love nothing more than to empower and equip them to see it for themselves and develop the courage and belief to reach for it.


The paths of our lives are mysterious and woven with many threads. Each thread telling it’s own story. We all have many stories forming the beautiful tapestry of our life, however I had never envisaged writing my own until I had a reason to. It was my experiences with loss and walking with grief that ignited a desire to share our story so it could find others navigating their own journey, making their seemingly unbearable a little more bearable. I have always loved communicating verbally, hearing other’s stories and have discovered a passion for expression in the written word.